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The Box Assistant was founded by a team dedicated to packaging and customer experience.

Their aim was to revolutionize the industry. 

How can we ensure that brands provide a special experience to their customers with their packaging?

The question that started our story..

The past years have elevated us to a global supplier position with our packaging solutions that push the limits for our customers around the world.

We have a daily production capacity of 10.000 pcs high quality boxes with our machines working with robotic technology. In addition, 45% of our production department consists of the production of special collection boxes, where handcrafted is intense.


Our team have design culture and academic background also our direct production in-house is the main reasons that puts us ahead of our competitors.

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The Box Assistant is an innovation driven packaging solutions manufacturer with a passion for our customers and their products. We believe that your brand deserves more than just functionality – it deserves a unique designed solution that elevates the physical touch point between you and your customer.



As The Box Assistant, our mission is to provide you with the highest quality packaging service. When the materials and designs we use come together, it is to ensure that you have received an extremely luxurious packaging service for your company, that has been customised for each individual project and product.

We know that you value quality and are always searching for ways to improve your business. When it comes to packaging, we can help you deliver a luxury service to your clients that no other company provides.


A day in the life of The Box Assistant is a 24 hour journey, where designs and styles are mixed. Our team is made up of a diverse group of individuals, who each brings their own imagination and perfectionism to every piece. A carefully planned process is followed to ensure exceptional quality. Each step is taken with care, ensuring that every piece meets its high standard.

We take great pride in making high-quality products.

Frequently asked


1- I Want A Box?

If you’re ordering a box for the first time, please share your request with us.

If you have a request for a previously produced box, please share with us the technical drawing.

2- I Want To Get Information About Sustainable Products

Developing technologies and the sad point of consumer societies force us to work for a cleaner world.

We use 87% sustainable products in our production.

We take care to inform our customers in detail by proposing sustainable products.

3- What Is FSC Certificate?

FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that deliver environmental and social benefits. The FSC Principles and Criteria form the basis for all forest management standards globally, including the FSC US National Standard.

4- Why Is FSC Certification Important?

FSC Chain of Custody certification assures customers that your company uses only legally sourced, legally harvested materials and responsibly managed forests for its materials. FSC is considered the most rigorous forest certification system.


Our Fsc Certification number is: C179060

5- I Want To New Packaging Design

Your expectations will be disappointed when the right product comes in the wrong packaging. All successful products win the appreciation of the customers with the packaging produced with the combination of great designs and the right materials.

Some packaging’s are never thrown away. You must have seen what your loved ones are hiding. Please contact us about this subject without prejudice that stylish packaging designs and productions are expensive.

6- Emergency Manufacturing

Sometimes our customers have urgent manufacturing demands.

We allocate 15% of our capacity to emergency production.

7- What Is Mold Fee?

In packaging production, molds are used in the printing and cutting process. Mold fees changes to the details of your project. Mold fees are for one time only and are not reflected to you in re-productions.

8- Sample Process

We produce the your sample within 5 working days based on your sample production approval.

9- Manufacturing Process

This period may vary depending on the scope of the project.

10- Logistics

DHL & FedEx are our global partners.

Cornerstones Of The Box Assistant

4P Marketing science; It deals with the design of products or services in this context by understanding customer expectations and requests correctly. Developed by Marketing Guru Philip Kotler, the 4Ps of Marketing is familiar to anyone interested in the marketing world.

• Product 

• Price 

• Place 

• Promotion

As Box Assistant, we provide the best service to our customers with our motto ‘Product designed on the 4P axis’ in all our works.
Based on international quality standards, we make our total quality understanding sustainable.


Protecting nature while doing our job is among our most important values. Due to our sense of responsibility towards nature, we prefer to use recycled raw materials in our production ​

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