Antoine Jacques - The Box Assistant

Antoine Jacques

Brand manufactures luxury wallets. The founder of the brand ,Richard’ He states that while establishing the brand, they started with the concept of unique wallets for special people and accepted their customers through reference. They produce highest quality leathers, completely handcrafted, with a special design for each customer.

Richard told us at our first meeting that he wanted an unconventional packaging solution for their unique wallets.

We did about a month of research to identify the materials. All the materials we used had to be natural. Also by adding small details, we wanted to give an customer experience when they touch the box.

That’s why we used a special fantasy paper for the outer covering. We added a detail for the customer experience by using a special magnet mechanism on the cover.

We wanted to make them feel that they were buying a unique product by completely covering the inside of the box with velvet.

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