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Cos Chocolate

Cos Chocolate; was established with the joint venture of two professionals who devoted their years to R&D and analysis in the chocolate industry. The mission of the brand is to make 'gourmet' chocolate accessible to all people.

We held meetings on packaging solutions that reflect this mission. As a result of these meetings, they decided on the cylinder box.

Cylinder boxes would support the 'innovative' identity of the brand compared to standard square boxes, while foil print details would emphasize its 'special' identity.

Boulevart is a niche jewelery brand based in Zurich. They focus on collectible jewelery that emerges with the unique combination of precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds and rubies.

In our first meeting, they said that they wanted a special wooden box for their collection because wooden boxes have symbolized luxury for centuries.And they decided to produce it as a window box model. We aimed to offer a special experience with the lids that open on both sides of the box.

You can see the perfect harmony of leather and wood in the box where we use foil and stamping techniques. By using 8 magnets on the cover part, we ensured that the covers are firmly attached to each other.


Nubico Coffee

Nubico Coffee is a Netherlands-based specialty coffee producer.

They produce 'Geisha' type coffee, which is among the most valuable coffees in the world, with the beans they collect in the Gori Gesha forest in Ethiopia.

It was very valuable for us to take part in the project of such a special brand.


1. We produced coffee envelopes with 100% recycled paper and 3-color foil printing technique.

2. We produced the special hardcover box in which the coffee envelope will be placed.

3. We produced tissue paper for wrapping hardcover boxes.

4. Finally, we produced an e-commerce box that can preserve all this experience for customers who order online.

Mes Bisous is a perfume house that produces niche perfumes for those looking for an unusual perfume experience. Each product has a special story.

If we list the reasons that make this project special for us;


*Unusual design,

*Real embroidery details on the box,

*4 different printing techniques were used on the box,

We must admit that it is not easy to produce such a special product. However, at the end of the production, we created a product that is worth all the R&D and effort we spent.

Mes Bisous

Austrian Gold

It is an Austria-based jewelry brand. The brand specializes in diamond designs. They promise an outstanding customer experience.

Rigid Boxes; we produced it with a special skin cloth. We used 4 specially cut magnets on the cover.


Wooden Boxes; We produced it with leather and velvet. We used a special locking mechanism on the back of the boxes. We enriched the product with gold foil and crush printing techniques.


Shipping Box: We produced it with our special paint, which we produced in the same pantone color as the leather and skin cloth color we used in the other boxes.

Founder of the brand; She describes that they exist to keep the tradition of cologne alive on the skin of modern people. Although TÜRKAN is a female name, the essences it brings together to produce the most beautiful fragrances have no gender. They state that every fragrance they produce is in search of a suitable skin. We regularly produce for the Türkan brand every month. We use fsc certified papers in all our productions. We made a unique finishing touch to the packaging by printing foil with the foil foils of the Kurz brand, which is a sign of German quality.


Antoine Jacques

Brand; manufactures luxury wallets. The founder of the brand, Richard; He states that while establishing the brand, they started with the concept of unique wallets for special people and accepted their customers through references. They produce with the highest quality leathers, completely handcrafted, in a special design for each customer.

Richard told us at our first meeting; stated that he wanted an unconventional packaging solution for his unique wallets. We researched for about a month to identify the paper. Wanted; All the materials we will use are as natural as possible and with the little details we will add, our aim was to start giving our customers an experience from the moment they take the box in their hands.

That's why we used a special fancy paper out of the box. We added a detail for the customer experience by using a special magnet system on its cover. We tried to make them feel that they bought a unique product by completely covering the inside of the box with velvet.

BUTEGAR (bu | te | gàr), derived from the Lombard dialect, means artisan. The founder of the brand, Moritz, states that his dream is to open a small Italian pizzeria in Zurich. Just like those found in the most remote villages of Italy. BUTEGAR is a reinterpretation of a typical bottega: the childhood memory of Maurizio, Rosanna's bottega.

Brand; He planned and implemented every detail very well, down to the smallest detail.

Moritz told us that he wanted a pizza box with drawers when he first came to us. We were a little surprised and excited at the same time because we had never come across such a packaging before.

We used 'fsc' certified materials in the selection of raw materials. For each pizza box, we carefully and lovingly attached the ribbons in the drawers, one by one, by hand.

We think that we have realized the first project in the world with the Butegar brand by producing pizza boxes with drawers and ribbons, contrary to the usual.

It was a project that we enjoyed very much.


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