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Keneba Coffee

The place where the best coffee beans of Africa are roasted with the traditional roasting technique of the Netherlands, where the unique coffee flavor is revealed. This is how the founder of the brand defines the brand. He is of African descent and his family has been in the Netherlands for 3 generations and the coffee business continues from father to son.

When the project came to us, they stated that they wanted to have a special box made for ‘Christmas’.

The aim of the project was for people to give this unique coffee experience to their friends in a special box as a ‘Christmas Gift’.

We decided to use black velvet on the outside of the box in production. The reason we used velvet was that it symbolized the velvety taste of coffee and that the person who received the box on a cold Christmas day could feel the warmth of velvet. We made our final touch with gold leaf printing and crowned our box with gold, which has become the symbol of luxury for centuries.

The founder of the brand said that people who saw the box bought gifts for more than one person with this box.

This was great feedback!

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