Lexxandrox - The Box Assistant


The brand produces watch cases with a special mechanism for smart watches. The case is made of a combination of gold and nickel. The brand, which adapts the durability of Swiss watches to smart watches in today’s technological world, is the pioneer of innovation in its field.

In today’s world, where there is a rapid transition from traditional watches to smart watches, the brand has adapted technology and tradition very well.

For the boxes of this special product; We have agreed on the production of wooden boxes that symbolize quality and luxury for centuries. We have carefully planned every single detail. The outside of the box would be leather in brown tones, and the inside would be covered with velvet in the same color. For the cord, we produced a specially coated wedge made of the same velvet. Each watch case had a special card. From the leather we used outside the box, we sewed a small wallet for this card.


In this project, where the customer experience is intensively planned, our employees carried out all production with high precision. And it turned out to be a wonderful box.

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